Santana PS10 and IVECO Annabel

KAM Differentials were suppliers of all OEM half shafts and differential lock systems for the rear of this vehicle.

We supplied over six and half thousand differential lockers and 13,000 half shafts for the military application PS10 in 24V version. We also supplied all the IVECO Annabel 4×4 vehicles with identical differential lock systems, but in the 12V version.

We carry some spares of half shafts but do not currently manufacture the full differential lock system.

New solenoid differential lock system 2013
We are in fact developing a new differential lock system that requires no welding and will bolt directly into the existing axle. This will be available both the front axle and also the rear.

New production of heavy duty strengthened centile half shafts
We are also planning a new production run of rear half shafts in our new aerospace specification material. These half shafts are also shot preened and cryogenically frozen and will achieve around at least 45% increase in strength from the standard OEM half shafts. These half shafts are a direct fitment into the existing differential and outside hub.

We are also looking to supply the front half shafts and CV’s in also our aerospace specification but currently do not have any production but would be interested in any distributors or private individuals who are experiencing problems with the shafts.

Please go to the fitting instructions page we will find there is a PDF file of the full layout of parts and current part numbers.

If you are requiring spare parts please contacts us directly at and will do our best to reply to your enquiry.

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