Quality – Testing

KAM Quality
All our gear sets are made from the best steels and are made from dedicated drop forgings. Heat treatment is carefully controlled and each gear set is matched and calibrated in a Gleason lapping-in machine for optimum set up.  In this process, lapping paste is applied to each gear set and then run up to speed under load until a perfect tooth contact pattern is achieved.  This process produces a perfect matched gear set.  The pinion deviation is then calibrated and marked on the pinion end of each set.  All these processes combined produce very high quality, stronger and reliable gear sets in our range of 50 + types of applications.

Crown wheel and pinions production.
KAM produce  50 plus different types of crown wheel and pinions from a growing range of motor sport, commercial and defense applications.  We are able to produce any gear size up to 850mm diameter crown wheels and have gained a reputation for quality over the last 19 years.  Our lead times from completion of drawings are 60 days from date of order and we can make any ratio that is required.
We produce full production drawings with Gleason cutting data.
We have full control and records on heat treatments.
We produce lapped in and matched gears sets.
We have certification on steel conformity and origin.
We produce under ISO9001 quality procedures.
Testing by Land Rovers Design authority
KAM are OEM to Land Rover military applications and to obtain this status we have had to prove that all our production meets the stringent requirement laid down for OEM production.  KAM gear sets have been jig test by the design authority and have met all their requirements.
With our own tooth design applied these gear sets are a highly reliable and offer a large increase in strength.  Please see below the actual test samples that were rig tested and also under went testing of material, case depth and core hardness analyses.
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