Limited Slip Diff

The KAM clutch type Limited Slip Differential (LSD)

The KAM unit is a clutch type LSD. In simple terms, the more power you apply, the more lock up you get across the half shafts. There are 2 options of clutch plate configuration whitch is shown on the right hand image below.The pre load can be fully adjustabled to give diffrent caraistictes in off road aplictions. Its ability to be set up gives it a major advantage over other LSD’s on the market


The Carrier
This carrier is the same casing as the diff locker and heavy duty unit and but fitted with 14 clutch plates which limits the drive / slip between wheels.

KAM offers a unique solution for a fully adjustable and upgradeable differential assembly, ie; you can have both full diff locker and LSD combination

They have been successfully tried and tested in top race vehicles with 450bhp / 500 ft/lbs torque.

KAM Limited Slip Diffs

KAM630 Long Nose 90/D1/D2 RRC Rear
KAM631 Long Nose 90/110/130/D1/D2/RRC Front
KAM640 Short Nose 110/130 2002 on Rear. P38 Rear
KAM641 Short Nose P38 Frontr


KAM LSD 4 Pinion Differential.


 Adjustable clutch plate configuration.        Front to rear 3 options


 Adjustable plate pre-load.                          From 20 to 60 ft / lbs


 Upgradeable to Diff Locker                       LSD + Lock combination


 Tried and tested in competitions.             Top race vehicles 450 bhp to 500 ft / lbs


 Less stress applied to shafts than our competitors.  (Smoother power lock up).


Bearings and diff cases type


Carrier bearings are standard RTC3095. There are 2 types of diff casing metric and imperial.


Metric Type: To identify type of diff bearing shell dia is 73.5mm, Bearing Cap bolts 19mm A/F

Imperial Type: 41045 bearing shell 76.1mm Bearing Cap bolts 3/8 (Bearing adapters required)


All bearings seals gaskets are avalible from KAM


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