Land Rover Heavy Duty Half Shafts

KAM HD Half Shafts are made from Aerospace grade material which is far more flexible allowing for a greater degree of twist. independent tests have proven they are 95% stronger than standard OE shafts. KAM HD half shafts have been used successfully for over 20 years on recreational off-road, competition and military vehicles worldwide.

After machining the shafts are put through a multiple-stage finishing process including heat treatment, shot peening, cryogenic treatment and polishing. KAM produce the strongest and finest quality half-shafts available and provide a 5 year no quibble replacement warranty in the extremely unlikely event of failure.*

Here’s the key points:

  • Aerospace Grade Material
  • Independently Tested
  • 95% Stronger that OE Shafts
  • Over twice the amount of twist
  • Multiple stage finishing process
  • Military and competition proven
  • 5 Year Warranty

KAM Rear Half Shafts

Here are the current applications for the Defender 90/110/130, Discovery 1 and Range Rover Classic.

Part No Type Fits wide flange without oil seal
KAM201 Short 90/D1/RRC up to 1994 24 Spline (703mm)
KAM202 Long 90/D1/RRC up to 1994 24 Spline (978mm)
Part No Type Fits narrow flange with oil seal
KAM203 Short 90/D1/RRC 1994 On, 110/130 2002 on & 2007 on (683mm)
KAM204 Long 90/D1/RRC 1994 on, 110/130 2202 on & 2007 on (953mm)
Part No Type Without oil seal
KAM205 Short 110/130 upto 1994 Salisbury drum brake axle (660mm)
KAM202 Long 110/130 upto 1994 Salisbury drum brake axle (978mm)
Part No Type With oil seal
KAM207 Short 110/130 up to 2002 Salisbury disc brake axle (640mm)
KAM204 Long 110/130 upto 2002 Salisbury drum brake axle (953mm)


KAM Front Half Shafts

Since all D1/RRC and 90/110/130 1994 on vehicles are fitted with smaller diameter 32 spline (CV end) front half shafts. It is not possible to achieve the strength required with these half shafts.

KAM has elected to focus on the larger earlier shaft and CV joint to achieve the desired strength. In order to upgrade these axles a complete Heavy Duty 23 spline shaft and CV conversion kit is required, combining the larger diameter half-shafts and considerably styronger CV joints.

Part No Type Application
KAM209 Short 90/110/130/D1/RRC 23/24 spline (452mm)
KAM210 Long 90/110/130/D1/RRC 23/24 spline (837mm)
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