Heavy Duty Drive Flanges

KAM HD drive flanges are made from EN36 material. They have 10 bolt holes so they will fit axles orignally fitted with either the early or later narrow drive flanges which have different bolt hole centres.

These stylish flanges are super-strong and extremely resistant to wear. To replace the wide flange, a spacer is required to accomodate the slightly longer half-shaft.

The 5 holes that are not used are filed with plugs.  The design is covered by a worldwide Patents office design right.  The cap is screw on and is the same size is the hub retaining nut so you can use the same tool to remove if required.

Part No Type Application 90/110/130/D1/RRC
KAM101 Narrow FTC859/RUC105200
KAM102 Spacer Use this spacer if original drive flange is FRC5806. Converts narrow type to wide.
KAM HD Hub fitted to MOD axle 
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