Heavy Duty CV Joints and Conversions for Land Rover

KAM CV Joints are made from Aerospace grade material and have been independently tested proving they are more than twice as strong as the originals. The stub shafts which are unique to KAM are designed to withstand the strain associated with using tyres up to 35″ diameter without breaking. For vehicles with larger than 35″ tyres or very high engine horse power it is almost impossible to entirely prevent breakage at some stage.

KAM provides the most effective solution by fusing the stub shaft which ensures that in the unlikely event of failure the stub shaft can be replaced in under 5 minutes thus protecting the drive train.

Here are the key points to our Uprated CV Joints:

  • Aerospace grade material
  • Independently tested
  • Multiple stage heat treatment
  • Over 100% stronger than original CV
  • Replaceable ‘Fused’ stub shafts
  • Stub shaft replaced in under 5 minutes
  • Clean breakage – No Swarf
  • Protects the drive train
  • 5 Year replacement warranty



KAM Heavy Duty Shafts & CV Axle Conversion Kits

Part No Type Application
KAM301 213mm 90/110/130/D1/RRC non ABS 1994 on (160mm stub)
KAM302 242mm 90/110/130/D1/RRC non ABS up to 1994 (185mm stub). Fitting kit required.
KAM303 213mm 90/110/130/D1/RRC with ABS 1994 on (160mm stub)

KAM Heavy Duty CV and Stub Shaft

Part No Type Application
KAM311 213mm 90/110/130/D1/RRC non ABS 1994 on (160mm stub)
KAM312 242mm 90/110/130/D1/RRC non ABS up to 1994 (185mm stub). Fitting kit required.
KAM313 213mm 90/110/130/D1/RRC with ABS 1994 on (160mm stub)

KAM Heavy Duty CV Only

Part No Type Application
KAM330 non-ABS KAM heavy duty CV only (requires stub shaft) 90/110/130/D1/RRC
KAM331 ABS KAM heavy duty CV only (requires stub shaft) 90/110/130/D1/RRC

KAM Heavy Duty Fused Stub Shafts

Part No Type Application
KAM340 185mm Fusible Stub shaft “Long” up to 1994
KAM341 160mm Fusible Stub shaft “Short”
Testing of the Land Rover OEM CV joint was conducted both in line and at 30 degrees. Failure in both cases was initially by cracking of the inner race prior to ultimate failure of the integral stub shaft. Initial failure of the inner race was at 4050Nm and 4880Nm for the 30 degrees and Inline tests respectively.

A KAM Aerospace CV was tested at 30 degrees using fixtures machined from 300M Maraging Steel. During testing we were unable to cause failure of the CV joint as the fixture always failed first. As such we can only currently state that the strength of the KAM Aerospace CV Joint is greater than 8500Nm.

Test data of OEM CV compaird to KAM Aerospace CV

The KAM fusible stub shafts were shown to fail in the range of 5000Nm to 6000Nm with elastic limits in the range of 4500Nm to 5500Nm.

Common failures on Land Rover CV.s

As can be seen on the test data KAM,s replacable fusible stub shafts have different failure rates.  When ordering please give your tyres size, ratio and engine specifications and we will advice on the best undercut, i.e. fuse point for your vehicle application.

Internal cage breakage                                  Stub shaft breakage 


OE Land Rover CV joints identification

To cover the various CV joints that are used in Land Rover axles we have designed a CV that is interchangeable on all versions. We have produced a heavy-duty aerospace joint with and without ABS.
We have also produced two different length stb shafts to fit both early and late (94 on) stub axles.

For extreme off-road use, taking a spare stub shaft is recommended as, in the unlikely event of failure, you can replace and be off and running again in under 5 minutes.

The fusible stub shaft protects the rest of the drive train. It is useful to identify the original CV joint and to confirm the overall length. 1994 onwards CV joints are direct fitment without the need for a fitting kit and use the shorter fusible stub shaft (160mm).

All KAM CV joints use the later type roller bearing (LR Part No: FTC861). There is no modification required to the stub axle. If the original CV joint does not use this roller bearing then you need to purchase a KAM fitting kit which replaces the original bronze bush.

Applications are below:

32 Spline 23 Spline
32 Spline 23 Spline
32 Spline 23 Spline

Pre 1994 Fitting Kits

Part No Model OE Part No Application
KAM350 90/110/130/D1/RRC up to 1994 RTC6862 : 32 Spline

AEU2522 : 23 Spline

KAM351 Suffix B RRC-88-92 RTC5843 : 32 Spline  
KAM352 Suffix A RRC/ 86-88 606665 : 23 Spline  
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