Cryogenics-Shot Peening-Polishing

Cryogenic thermal treatment

Cryogenic  treatment  is a process of freezing the gear sets  It essentially involves exposing materials to temperatures below -196°C (-328°F).  If done correctly, it creates a permanent change to the material that alters wear and fatigue characteristics


This process changes the structure of the material.  The actual affect is to reduce the size of the crystalline structure and transformation of austenite to martenite in ferrous metals


Benefits for cryogenic treatment are:

Increased wear life of the tooth form.

Increased resistance to abrasion

Increased resistance to fatigue.

Precipitation of very fine carbides in ferrous metals that contain carbide forming elements.

Stabilization of metals to reduce warping under heat, stress, and vibration.


Shot peening

Shot peening adds 30% strength to the tooth form. 300% to fatigue life.

We were the first to produce alternative crown wheel and pinions and completed our initial research through a DTI development grant  in 1991.  We spent 6 months working on 3 different ratios to gain strength and a range of gears sets that are required for today’s engine BHP enhancements and off road ratio requirements.  In 2001 we added the 4.75:1 ratio to the list of gear sets.  The KAM gears are now fitted worldwide to competition heavy duty and military vehicles.



Cryogenic thermal treatment  + Shot peening = £198 + VAT + delivery per gear set.


Super finish polishing

We can also carry out a super finish polishing process to your Crown Wheel and Pinion.  These 3 processes have only been offered in the past to our rally and Ford and F1 replacement gears sets. We are now offering this service to our defense and Land Rover customers.  Super finish polishing can be carried out at a cost of £34 + VAT per gear set.


Total Cost

Cryogenic thermal treatment  + Shot peening + Super Finish Polishing  = £232 + VAT + delivery per gear set.


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