KAM 4 Pin Carrier

KAM 4 Pin Carrier Options to upgrade to LSD or Locker

All the KAM heavy duty 4 pinion carriers are based around a 3 part carrier which is pictured below.  It is fitted with a 18mm forged cross shaft and has 24 spline sun gears. It is heald together with 12 off 12.9 cap head bolts.


The standared Land Rover carrier is only a 2 pinion carrier and has a 16mm cross shaft. Image on right.

KAM HD 4 Pinion carrier   KAM HD Carrier + dog gear   OEM Orignial 2 pinion



This KAM 4 pinion carrier is a versatile unit., by simply removing the blanking plates inside the diff carrier and replacing with a pair of clutch packs and modified sun gears, the HD carrier is transformed into a Limited Slip Differential.  This will give the customer the versatility for their off roading and race needs. As standared the pre load is set at 20 to 25 Lbs

The standard Diff Lock kit includes the 4 pinion HD carrier which has the option of being fitted with an LSD upgrade pack as an optional extra.

The unit use Land Rover metric bearings Part Number RTC3095. If you are fitting to a impirial diff housing then you will requier brearing spacers at a cost of £13,00

Now Available for P38 A type + Wolf Axles.

The clutch plates can be pre-loaded via adjuster grub screws and there are 3 different combinations of fitting the clutch plates to give a fully adjustable LSD.  If the HD carrier is purchased separately, the customer can at a later date upgrade the carrier to either the KAM locker or to the LSD unit without having to purchase a complete new unit.


Bearing Types
Bearings Adapters ( for use on pre 1984 Range Rover and Land Rover)
The KAM LSD will fit metric type Diffs i.e.; axles from around 1984> onwards with bearing part number RTC 3095.
In some cases RTC2726 is used, the outside diameter is correct but the inside is too small (41.20 mm)
You have to use bearing part number RTC 3095 because KAM half shafts will not fit, we produce a larger diameter half shaft that will only fit the RTC3095 carrier bearing.
If you have an older type “Pre Rationalised” differential or “Imperial Type Carrier”,  you will have to purchase bearing adapter rings that fit over the outside of the new RTC3095 bearing.

Identification of Bearing Type on Rover Differentials.
Rationalised Differential:


i.e. Metric Type Carrier.  1987>       Bearing Dia will be 73.5 mm, RTC 3095
To identity the carrier without taking the diff apart, the carrier bearings cap bolts will be 19 mm and normally zinc coated.
KAM carriers will fit straight in.

Pre Rationalised Differential:


i.e. Imperial Type Carrier 1887< Bearing Dia will be 76.10 mm
RTC2726 and 41045 are used on older diffs.
To identity without taking the diff apart the carrier bearings cap bolts will be 3/8″ not zinc coated. KAM carrier will require bearings adapters

Bearings Adapters £12.50 each.  You will require 2 off per carrier.


Bearings are sometimes difficult to pull off the original carrier and if you require us to supply new bearings we have them in stock.
These are £17 each.

Pinion Bearing.
Pinion bearing did not change in any of the Land Rover cases other then S1 1948 to 57
Pinion head Bearing 539706   £17 each
Pinion Tail Bearing   539707   £17 each

Please add any parts you require for your diff.  We keep most parts in stock, i.e.;
Oil seals, Gaskets, Bearings, Strengthened crown wheel bolts.




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