Design – Reverse cut

KAM are the original concept designers of alternative ratios for Land Rover.  They were first developed by us 19 years ago.  We hold the full specification of the complete crown wheel and pinion production and we are control of all the aspects of the design of the gears set from.
Material origin and quality.                        With certification with each batch
CNC blank production from forgings.        Made from KAM drawings
Heat treatment specification                     With furnace temperatures and certification
ISO 9001 quality in all processes             With matching and lapping in gear sets
12 pages of Gleason cutting data per ratio


Reverse Cut
Reverse rotation Crown wheel and pinion for front axles.  The teeth on gear sets have both a drive side and a coast side.  Usually the pinion should rotate the crown wheel on the drive side of the tooth. If however the pinion rotates the crown wheel on the coast side, strength of the gear set can be reduced by about 20%. In the front axle of a Land Rover, the gear set is running backwards, being driven on the coast side of the teeth rather than the driven side and as such is weaker.   KAM have produced reverse rotation gear sets to allow the gears to be driven in the correct way on the front diff and introduce the designed strength back into the gears. This also allows the pinion to transfer the load forces into the bigger pinion head bearing rather than the smaller tail bearing, such increasing the life of the bearings.

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