Team Moose video testing prior to leaving for Croatia Trophy 2013 and U.K.’s King of the valleys competitions. Fitted with the full range of KAM Differentials axle components and Terrafirma suspension system’s. They are vehicle number 136 Croatia Trophy 2013. Please follow these guys as they compete against the best prepared vehicles in Europe.



A quick edit of a preseason suspension test and setup

The shocks featured in the video are:

5th of February 2012

We couldn’t resist the opportunity to test the 110 out in the snowy conditions.  We have a test course here at the back of our factory and we both front and rear differential lockers engaged had no problem driving the whole course.

Our vehicle is a 110 unmodified suspension MOD test rig


KAM differential lockers being tested in snow

This is being tested and will be ready for sale mid 2010We have a small number of pre production LSD units only for sale.

Axle strengthen kits

This is been tested

Allmakes 4x4 - Quality, Value and Performance

As many people have been aware KAM Differentials Ltd have been looking for partnership investment for the last 12 months. KAM Differentials Ltd is pleased to confirm that we have entered in to a joint venture with Allmakes 4X4 Ltd here in the UK. This is effective as from September 1st 2011.
Allmakes is the World’s leading supplier of Original Equipment Manufactured spare parts for Land Rovers, the home of the Terrafirma range of Land Rover products and wholesale distributors for the widest range of major accessory brands. Click here to read more.. »


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KAM Differentials Ltd is a Godalming based company who specialises in high performance axle parts for Off road and Motor sport applications.  They have been expanding rapidly since their first patent application on a new differential locker system placed 4 years ago.  They have been supplying the new system not only to off road and race applications but a growing range of military end users. Click here to read more.. »

Enhanced mobility

(27 May 2008)
Military Land Rover

KAM Differentials, the enhanced mobility, traction and off-road performance products specialist, returns to DVD in 2008, after a year of exponential expansion and growth. The company is now supplying systems for OE manufacturer on-line fit, providing aftermarket componentry to military users for existing fleet upgrades – and broadening the range of models and manufacturers for which it can offer enhanced mobility solutions. Click here to read more.. »

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