About KAM

KAM Differentials was formed in 1991 by Kevin Andrew Mason to address Land Rovers commonly known failings in axle parts.

Princes Trust    KAM Differentials Big Day

With the help from Prince Charles Princes Trust, Kevin was lent just £5000. From these small beginnings 21 years ago, KAM has developed an impresses product range from Diff locker systems, Heavy duty half shafts and CV’s to a range of alternative ratio crown wheel and pinions with increased strength built in.

KAM are seen as specialists in axle-part development and are currently working on a number of projects for defense applications for new diff lockers and improvements in drive line reliability.


New partnership agreement with Allmakes 4X4 Ltd

The last 12 months we have been looking for investment into KAM  to take us to the next stage of company expansion.  For the last 21 years KAM  as expanded organically reinvesting all its profits back into product development and new patent applications.

It became clear in 2010 that if we were to expand we needed partners that would not just bringing cash investment but also expertise in this market area.  I’m pleased to say from 01/09/2011.  We signed the partnership agreement with Allmakes 4X4  in Oxford.

We have just completed a new application guide and a more easy to use part number system, alongside this on February 1st 2012 we completed a factory refit and reorganisation to handle the expected substantial expansion plans.

Allmakes 4X4 turn over around £40 million per year and export worldwide to over 800 trade distributors. with this partnership in place we have plans to launch a range of new products and to substantially increase our OEM, commercial and Military fleet contracts.

I’m pleased to say that we have a growing number of British army vehicles fitted with our products, many of which are being utilised in Afghanistan.

We also continue to supply many hundreds of top end motorsport off-road applications in high-speed race  and low speed winch competitions.





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